Your morning energizer and evening unwind — art of being fabulous

art of being fabulous


Do you have trouble getting started in the morning or unwinding at night? I know I do. I wake up some days like I can’t even say my name. And I decided at 2:30 am yesterday to start writing a post, and then forced myself to stop. So clearly I have to conquer this! One day I will figure out the right permanent fix and stop writing about it, but I’m trying to do some different things to help.

Here’s one of them.

Next time you feel that you can’t get going in the morning, don’t reach for a coffee (reminder to myself!), or if you can’t shut down at night, try this technique.

If you take just 10 minutes in the morning, this sequence of exercises can help you rev up in the morning. The same sequence can also help you decompress in the evening.

Deep breathe

Start with meditation for…

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