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Catering Service Offers On-the-Job Culinary Training in Anières, Switzerland — Cuisine Helvetica


About two years ago, Frédéric Auderset, an experienced chef from Geneva, left his job cooking at a Michelin-starred restaurant. His new position? Leading a catering service that also operates as a culinary training program at the Centre d’Anières—a residential center for refugees and asylum-seekers operated by Hospice général, the cantonal welfare office.

Centre d’Anieres, a residential facility for migrants in Anieres, Switzerland.

Known officially as Atelier Formation (ATFOR), this culinary training program started in 2003. It helps people who are unemployed to gain the skills necessary to secure a job in the food service industry. Three years ago, Hospice général established a new format for the program. In addition to adults, ATFOR now accepts participants between the ages of 16 to 20 years. The program offers both classroom instruction in a professional kitchen, as well as on-the-job training with its catering service. I met with Frédéric and his colleague, Edison…

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